The picture book of happiness

The picture book of happiness is a bilingual book written by Kazunori Shimamoto and translated by Juliet Carpenter. In each page it has a poem in Japanese and English translation, plus a face illustrating kanji word.

Beginning my day, if I have time, I sometimes read this kind of book with a cup of coffee or tea. It is relaxing to start a day by reading a spiritual encouraging book. Opening the book, we will find a way to break free from the acceleration trap of life. Here are some of my favorite ones:


Failure is what makes you genuine.

Voicing regret is ugly;

Reflecting in silence

Has class


To climb a mountain

No need to conquer the peak, just enjoy the mountain.

In life, too, no need to get hung up on goals

Enjoy being alive

picture book of happiness

The luck factor

luck factorLast year I came across a book of Professor Richard Wiseman about luck. Many people assume that luck is something out of your control. However, “The Luck factor” brings a new insight that can change your state of mind. Every one has a chance to get their luck 🙂 Thanks to that book, I got 4 new tips to increase my chances of luck:

  1. Maximize your chance of opportunities
    • Keep your attitude relaxed
    • Be open to new experiences
  2. Expect good fortune
    • Keep hope and believe in good things
    • Put plan into action by dividing your goals into short-term goals, medium-term goals, and long-term goals
  3. Turn bad luck to good
    • Look on bright side. Ill fortune may work out later. Even if you are going through hell, don’t dwell on ill fortune so long
    • Predict and prevent bad luck
  4. Listen to lucky hunches
    • Get exercise to keep your mind clear and calm. Do yoga or meditate. To me, strolling in nature is really good. Staying away from noisy world, walking in forest is always a good choice to relax.

Wild flowets from one summer in Helsinki

Wild flowers from one summer in Helsinki