Dance of Dragons ( Loyalty Award)

dragons-loyalty-award1As a beginning in this post, I would like to thank Cathy for nominating me Dragon Loyalty Award :). I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore more about myself 🙂 Indeed, it has been a while since the last time I wrote a post. The rules requiring facts about yourself, which makes me decide to pause a little bit and spend some time thinking about how to express it in words. In order to do this award, I would like to share some things I’ve recently done in these autumn days.

  1. Oulu.

I came to the North of Finland one day in autumn during the second last weekend in October.  I had a memorable trip there. The very first impression I had when arriving at Oulu was quietness and peacefulness. Far from Helsinki, Oulu is a peaceful destination.

With Someone’s help, we had a chance to discover the city more easier.  Thanks for Someone being the tour guide and organizing things.  Thanks Someone’s friends for inviting us to home.

2. Halloween part 1

Halloween to me this year is the day I actually started a new hobby: knitting.

At Vihreä Vyyhti Shop ( it is near Hakaniemi metro station, Helsinki) , we can find many high-quality and colorful wool
I also got some wool for this Christmas :D
I also got some wool for this Christmas 😀
Thanks to Sirja, I was learning how to make gloves and that is what I've done so far
Thanks to Sirja, I was learning how to make gloves and that is what I’ve done so far

3. Halloween part 2: movie

Halloween is also a day for watching some scary movie. I watched Dracula Untold few days ago. This movie was first released during Halloween time in 2014. One year has passed. Watching this movie again in 2015 Halloween is not a bad idea at all. In my opinion, Luke Evans does not fail to perform such a tough and strong-mind ruler to protect his kingdom together with his beloved ones. Their strong love for each other ( expressed via their desperate eyes when they slip away from each other 1:54-1:55, plus the scene Minerall dies in his arms) really impresses me. In addition, it’s the heart-touching moment when he holds his son, gives a sharp look to his enemies (0:46), then tells him :” Run to your mother”, and fight for his family. I heard from somewhere, saying that, you are only brave when you have something to fight for. And it’s so true 🙂

4. Halloween part 3: Cooking vs baking

DSC_0654 DSC_0659 DSC_0662 DSC_0671

I did not celebrate something big for Halloween this year. I made Pumpkin soup, stewed meatball ( mushroom, onion, garlic, and spices) and Dorayaki. Dorayaki is Japanese red bean pancake.

4. Photography course

This autumn I also began to learn street photography at Helsingin Aikuisopisto. I have not done this before, so this course gives me a chance to look the world via different angles.

Was preparing for a photo exhibition. Our class has a small exhibition to share the photos we have taken


As a beginner, the first thing I learn when shooting photo is that there should be a strong subject before taking. Once that subject is found, we should focus on one angle we would like to share to others. Focus is the key, and maybe it is true in other aspects of life as well.

5. Let the music heal your soul

Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes ( Claude Debussy)

One of my favorite music is meditation music as it is really relaxing. That kind of music gives me peacefulness, for example, this one is really good 😀

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